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  1. Were you able to test it? Post some pics!
  2. Is this it? Woodhaven Router Plane Sled Google "router sled" and you can find dozens of DIY solutions.
  3. One thing scrollsaws are great for is cutting thin stock. Double bevel marquetry is actually easy when you use a scrollsaw. David Marks from the TV show "Wood Works" mentions it on his website. David's site David and me with my first inlay ever.
  4. My wife wanted to do something in the garage with me, so I sent her to a scrollsaw class at Woodcraft. She loved it. She also ended up wanting the same scrollsaw they had. Now she owns the most expensive piece of equipment in my garage, a Dewalt DW788. It's a really nice mid-priced scrollsaw. You can find them on Craigslist as cheap as $150 if you are patient. I wasn't and I paid retail, but she's happy and I can get back to buying tools for myself.
  5. Jeremyp, did you get the planer? Post a pic if you did. Also, you wouldn't happen to be in Texas, would you?
  6. LOL ... yeah, my garage is a little different than most. My wife actually helped me paint it.
  7. I've gotten into building speakers so I decided to get myself a few clamps. Amazon had a great sale on Jet parallel clamps about a month ago and I bought a few. That's when I realized I had no place to put them. My older Rockler pipe clamps were "stored" on the garage floor. The solution was a wall mounted clamp rack made from scrap plywood and 1x4 pine. A dozen gussets, paint and a few lag screws later, I have this hanging on my garage wall. Now I need something for all of my smaller clamps.
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