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bass neck & nut question

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I might be blind or having bad luck, but I couldn't find info on this although I have a feeling it may be a common question?? Anyhow here it goes:

Is the nut glued into a recess near the end of the fretboard (that's what the tutorials made it sound like) or just behind the fretboard? I've seen it both ways, or at least I think I have. I haven't heard much discussion on preferred method if there is more than one. Does it just depend on how deep your nut is?

If it matters I'm asking specifically for a bass guitar.

Also, do many bass guitars have neck angles? I don't think I need one. I plan on using a Hipshot bridge (5841-B on stew mac) I believe it's only 1/2" high, and if my fingerboard is almost 1/4 inch, my calculations show I wouldn't need one. Does that sound right?

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No I think that does it. Thanks a lot for your prompt response. Unfortunately I have to fix the electrical in my house before I can fire up the jointer & other tools again. But I hope to make some progress soon.


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