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Making your own binding

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Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if it was possible to make your own timber binding? Instead of buying it from Stew-Mac (for example).

Basically, I don't want to use any of the timbers they have available, and don't want to stain or tint it..

Can you make your own?

How would you make it?

What tools would you need to make it?

And, I guess, what sorts of timbers are ok? Especially if you have to bend it lots?!

Anything else you think is relevant.

Since I'm asking..

Are there any particular requirements for inlay materials? Can I use all sorts of different shells and alike that are cut up properly?? Just wondering..

Thanks all for your help, much appreciated as usual. :D

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What kind of tools do you have access to?

A bandsaw would be ideal.

You could do bindings on a tablesaw if you make sure you have enough material to keep the binding from getting mangled in the blade or putting your fingers at risk. You can do that by using double-sided tape to stick on a piece of wood to the edge of what will be the binding.

You want to cut the binding along the grain so that it won't crack along short grain when you bend it.

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Ok, I've done a bit of searching and found this on MIMF

You need to be registered to view the library (where this is from) but it may work anyway, not sure...MIMF Binding Library

This is the library section for binding and inlaying (i think) so you'll have to scroll through, but there are at least 3 old threads that I've found that are pretty useful...

Thought that if any of you were wondering too, it may prove useful...I can do a summary of the info if you want Brian/Kevin/Anyone, just let me know..

Also, I will *ATTEMPT* making my own binding when I get to that stage with my guitar, so can do a tutorial as I go if you want (can be on what not to do and what will go wrong B) ) I'll update you all later...probably be around Jan/Feb though..

Hope this helps someone..bye :D

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