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new cheap place to get inlay materials


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this site sells some really cheap acrylic with a lot of variety

they even have an acrylic that looks like figured mop

great site cheap stuff

I am purchasing the grey and pearl lookin stuff and maybe some clear for a 3-D project

been searchin for 45 min for a cheap inlay supply place and just thought I should post what I found

snoopy rules B):D

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if you read the rules, your not supposed to tell anyone where to get something unless they ask for it, or its in the classifieds:

5. Sales and Services may be offered by anyone at any time as long as they are posted in the Classifieds Section Only.

6. Telling other forum members where a good deal is or helping them find a product for which they have specifically asked for help finding in a thread on all other sections is allowed

but yea, if you can find a link, just tell them i asked for it, lol

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freckle face is pretty cheap best site I could find anyway

probably places cheaper

and since you said you asked for it I'm selling the stuff with more variety in color



in the classified section

since you asked :D

but later in rule 6 it says even if the person asks, you have to do it by email if YOU are the one selling! ha! you rebel! B)

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