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Guitar with built-in effects

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I have a rare guiatr, it has many things like pick up boosts n fuzz repeat n 3 pick ups a think like floid rose thing but it isnt official one! it has a battarie 2 power it! i think its a vox cus it has a vox like body n head! if u think u can help then add me 2 msn or email me n ill sned u a pic thank you o n where i likei n the uk allthe guiatr shops dont no what it is model wise¬!!

CAN SOME ONE :D cheers


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hi my name is joe i have a rare guitar or i think it is! I looks like a vox but i cant find it anywhere on the internet. It has Mid Boost selecter with 3 selcters, Treble Bass Top boost Mid Boost, Fuzz and repeat the Fuzz Sustain, Repeat speed, Volume Batt. on. N a pick up solector. The pick up are (ithink as i dont no much about pick ups) Single coiled and there 2 of em 1 straght one at an angle. It has a Tremoloarm that goes up and down, its not a Floyd Rose It has like a metal case over it that u need 2 take off before changeing a string. THe head is V like a vox head and the body it a stranger shape.I have attached a pic as well! not sure it i think it shows up if u dont want 2 downlaod it u can view it here http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v337/dar...s/vozithink.jpg The pic isnt v good as i had 2 cut it out of another pic i toock! as soon as i get a better pic ill send it you. plz could u get bk 2 me asap Cheers O n i think its a VOX! not sure tho as it has been rubbued off!


here a good description of it!

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