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Dr. Jabsco

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These are many of the tools that are needed for the making of a solid body guitar.

Along with links, uses, and how much this tool is needed.


9" Bandsaw- Used for cutting the body shape. This tool is seriously reccomneded.

Scroll Saw- Can also be used for making templates, cutting tops and other small stock. But will not work for a full body. This is tool is not needed, but does come in handy.

A Jigsaw- can also be used for cutting body, if you arnt doing many guitars. These are also very useful for making templates or other small work. This tool is recomended, but if you have a bandsaw its not needed.

Drill Press- Used for drilling holes, and Drum Sanders- used for quick rough sanding edges.

If you cant afford a drill press, then one of These will work for smaller jobs, if used with a high powered drill.

15" Planer- This is not needed, as most blanks will be pre planed. But most prefessional luithers have one.

Fixed base router- For making pickup cavities, Trussrod slots, Binding channels, ect. A router of some kind is NEEDED for making guitars.

Plunge Router- For the same thing as a fixed router, but more versitle, and highly recomended.

Router Table, and Accessorys- Router table is for doing work with the bit pointing up and fixed to the bottom of the table. Reccomended for any router. They are easy to make as well.

Router Bits Goes without saying I should hope.

Table Saw- Used for cutting straight lines, bookmatching, and for scarfing necks with This handy jig.

Handsaws- Rip saw for going with the grain, cross cut saw for going against the grain, dovetale for fine cutting, gent's saw can be used for fret slotting if you have the right width.

Files- Used for all sorts of things, I highly reccomned getting a nice assorted file set.

Wood Chisels I reccomend getting an assorted set like this one, or of higher qualtie. They are used for cleaning up and squaring off routs.

Rasps- Used for shaping necks, and other various jobs.

Surforms- Also used for shaping necks.

Scrapers- and how to use them.

Sandpaper- and double sided tape.

Many fine woodworking tools

Spokeshaft- Its needed, but I coulndt find any links. anyone want to chime in? you can get these at your local hardware store for around 30 dollars.

Hand Planes- This includes bench planes, and Block planes. Used for truing up edges, these are low priced planes, therfore low qualtie. But work great for the amature luither. Here is a discution about different hand planes. Here is a link for a DIY (making your own) plane.

Titebond glue- for joining surfaces.Epoxies can also be used when reccomened. You deffinatly need glue for any guitar. You can find this stuff at your local harware store as well.

Clamps For holding peices in place, and glueing. Clamps of some sort are needed.

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