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Claro Walnut

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Hi, ive been looking for a top wood for a carved top guitar and the chap from the shop has recomended Flamed Claro Walnut. I originaly enquired about black limba and then asked what other top woods he had when he said he doesnt have that. I have had a look round the net and I do realy like the look of it. But can anyone tell me what the sound is like, it have been thinking of putting it on a mahogany back and neck.

What kind of finish can be put on it? All the images I found had a natural finish but I was wanting to do a sunburst, or a trasparent color of some sort, would that work on walnut? And I am sort of womdering if puting colour on such nice wood is a bit daft.

thanks :D


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its the same thign as black walnut per se. same family wood i believe.

claro is just a different breed of the tree, one that just grows in the valleys of california and surrounding area. sometimes they grafted the trees with english walnut and it makes for some amazing grain variations.

personally i would just finish it smooth and put a clear over it, to nice of a wood to put any dye or stain on.

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yeh, im sure they have some difference, but seriously. alot more depends on pickup choice, scale, fret size, string guage, nut and tuning setup than the difference between Black walnut and Claro walnut.

now, there is an obvious difference between hard maple and walnut, but comeon

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