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Strat body dimesions

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I think that Brian has a link on the main page with template sections (I could be wrong).

For freebies, try MIMF (register for free) then go to the library www.mimf.com


Stew-mac sells plans (although I have a feeling they don't sell strat; could be wrong B) ) :D

or any other suppliers (lmii/warmoth, etc) I'm not sure if they do sell plans, but give them a try.

If the worst comes, print of a picture of a strat from Fender's website, go to your local music shop and measure the length, then convert all the measurements over...

eg, if the pic is 5cm long and the body is 50cm long (in real life) then times all the measurements on the photo by 10 (not perfect, but better than nothing) and there's your plan :D

Good luck

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Another thing you can do to get measurements is just take the measurements from a guitar that's available.

I went down and grabbed a PRS off the wall of Guitar Center and took a tape measure to it, and they didn't seem to mind. When I told them why i was taking measurements, they got even more interested and one of the sales guys actually helped me line the measurements up while I wrote down numbers. :D

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