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Hey, I'm making a square Les Paul style guitar, and I was wondering, what kind of binding works and looks the best. And also, how to route the colum for the binding to go on. Also, I suck 100% at making necks, so I am ordering one from Carvin. Would it be worth my time to remove the frets, and try binding the fretboard and then refretting? I don't have any equipment to fret a guitar either so, I'm kinda losfer words.............THANKS

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probably all "work" the same. looks depend on you. check out www.stewmac.com , they have tons of bindings.

id just go with a plain cream plastic one, or a fancy one would be cream/black/cream laminated.

flat tops are easier to apply binding to, if you have a carved top, you'll need to make/buy a shorter guide for the router to use so it wont hit the carve top and throw your angle off. can also be found at stewmac.

make sure to practice alot on scrap first too.

i would say no on the refretting a carvin neck. 1. you'll never get it as good as what they will send you 2. alot of work for nothing 3. dont have the tools.

also, alot of guitars have binded headstocks/bodies and not necks and they dont look weird or anything. not as bad as you think it would.

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