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Hi there,

I just finished the neck I am using on an SG I am building for a gift. I bound it thinking that I would finish it in lacquer but have decided to go with Tru-oil. Do I need to tape off the binding and leave it clear or will the Tru-oil set up over the binding. Thanks in advance for the help.


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Tru-Oil will soak into the wood, but not the binding. So, if you wipe on 5 coats of Tru-Oil, you'll have 5 shiny coats on top of the binding but only a semi-dull look on the fretboard.

I would wipe it on the fretboard, then wipe it off the binding within 10 minutes. Since the first several coats of Tru-Oil will soak in, it's not going to make a mess like... say... trying to wipe lacquer off of the binding without wiping it off of the fretboard. (I hope that analogy makes sense to everybody.)


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