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removing binding

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Hi guys,

I am attempting to restore a $15 second hand Gibson acoustic copy. it seems to be about 20 years old or so (the binding is very yellow). Its a nice guitar to play- I did a quick set up on it- the tuners are cheap and nasty, but the neck is one piece (scarf jointed headstock AFTER the vollute, strangely). Anyway, wilst surprisingly a nice guitar to play, it is very 'dead' sounding (I had to restring with electric strings to get a tone that wasnt completely lifeless).

My plan, therfore, is to replace the top on the guitar (big job, I know, but after all, it was only $15, and it will be a good learning experience even if I ruin it)

The binging is 5 ply black/white; the white of which has aged to a nice, almost TV Yellow.

My question is, it it possible to remove the top from the guitar AND salvage the binding? (the top is a VERY dead and lifeless sounding plywood, so I am not too woried about breaking that. I have found that a solid top generally seems to sound MUCH better than ply, even if the body is ply, so I figuer there is little point in attempting to build an acoustic COMPLETELY from scratch)

Thanks guys,


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