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A little help from my project guitar friends

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I'm making a Blueshawk inspired guitar and have the drawing from a really good guy over the pond (Dave Ormandy at Ridgeway Guitars, check out his Ridgehawk project).

Anway, I have a nice single slab of poplar for the back which I marked out the center line on, lined up the center line on my drawing, and taped the drawing down. I then drew in the center line going across the body, and marked both down the sides (so I can line up the drawing after I route out the hollow chambers and glue on the maple) and now I need to figure out how to get the body shape on the wood. How do you guys transfer the shape of your drawings to the blank without ruining your drawing? I will be making a template after I get the top glued on, but for now, I have no plywood, no money, and a desire to at least rout out the hollow portions. Any suggestions?

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Either cut out the outline and trace it, or use something that dents through the paper and into the wood, then go over that with a felt-tip marker. I had to do both for my guitar.

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