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Hows This Sound?

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sounds like a good project. i've had some experience with poplar and it works fairly easily and has a nice mellow tone. my only concern is with the redwood in the neck. granted, my only experience with redwood is as a deck builder but construction grade redwood is relatively soft. bass strings put a lot of stress on a neck and there "could be" a problem with warping. of course the oak may balance it out and i think it would be a great looking combination.

i expect some others will chime in here and maybe they've had some direct experience with redwood in the neck. at any rate good luck with the project!

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yeah the redwood is soft and light too, ive read that it is a strong wood (but i dont know from experience) im hoping that the oak will help make it stronger im thinking of using two truss rods too, i laminated the neck today, the woods look nice together, the redwood has some nice grain...

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