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Wilkinson Trem String Spacing

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Thanks for that calculator!

(But unfortunately, in my case, I'm extremely poor at any kind of math or "numbers"). Maybe I can get some help should I ever really need to use this(?)....... :D

I mean: 1 + 1 = 11, right?

(just kidding)

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I'm using a Wilkinson bridge. My neck will be 42mm at the nut and 56mm at the 21st fret. The scale length is 25.5". Will string spacing be an issue?

If yer Wilkinson is string-spaced at 2 & 1/8th inches---as I do-believe even "Wilkinson Copies" are---Yer All Set!!!

I had a handy tool here to verify this: my "Carvin Bolt-On Kit" (Strat-type) guitar that has a Wilkinson Trem.

I just measured the nut width; it's right at 42mm (+/- not very much at all).

The 21st fret is in the neighborhood of 55.5mm.

(I very carefully measured, btw).

Thanx for the "lesson" (so to speak)!

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PS, schnarf-

I'm no expert and don't even consider myself a "luthier hobbyist." Hobbyist, yes. Luthier, I'm still working on that...and will be for a long time.

But, well, ummmmm....

*Tech Note* (on Wilkinson Trems).

I don't have a link for you or other info offhand---thoh I'll look.

I read someplace via Goooooogle at a Luthier 'Site that:

Wilkinson Trems need to be "angled at 1.5 degrees" to work properly/optimally. This angle would be "toward the neck" (or otherwise to the North if you were looking at yer guitar in an "upright" postion/ like if it's on a stand).

My Carvin-Kit came with the Trem-Studs drilled & all's I had to do was tap em in. (I have the original Assembly Instructions around here some place & will try to find em. But I don't recall that they (Carvin) "mentioned" this angle/ in Instructions). Looking back; this angle was "noticable" when I installed them. I think I was aware of it (back then) as I had gone over every single "spec" before I even bought the Kit...it's been 5 years now.

The "angle" is visible/noticable when; I just (now) closely looked at the studs.


I don't know if this "helps" or if you have access to tools that could "make" this correct angle for the Studs (?).

I'm only a Hobbyist!



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