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Broken Pickup Coil


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i had my pups out to repot today, and as i was putting them back together, i noticed that the bridge pickup coil had a break in the wire. figuring "it's touching itself the whole way around, this should be fine) i sealed the coil back up and dropped everything in place.

then i plugged it in. as luck would have it, it doesn't work. the pup is almost completely dead (only get sound when maxed on gain).


why did the pup die?

can i save this pickup?

the broken ends do not reach each other, is there any way to just press them into the coil and let them do their thing?

should i just give up now and buy a new pup?

thanks in advance!

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The wire in a pickup coil is insulated with a very thin coat of varnish. You could try scraping the 2 loose ends of the broken wire about 1/4" from the ends and soldering a small jumper wire between the two ends. Then it would be a good idea to insulate this repair with a bit of varnish or tape. If there's no other damage to the coil, that should work.

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