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Blades For Jigsaw


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HI to all, I'm new in the forum and new to guitar building. Been reading a lot in the forum trying to get as much information as possible before I start my project. As tools and woods are a bit hard to find (or they actually cost a lot) in my country (Portugal), and being a first project and all, I wanna keep this project on a realistic base, therefore not investing thousands in something that might not come up as expected (which I'm expecting anyway B) ).

Anyways, my question is, I'm planning to cut the body using a jigsaw (which I know that some of you don't think it's a good idea, but right now is the only way I can do it) the thing is, I'm really not sure of which kind of blades I should use to do it (I've seen HSC and HSS I think...) but I really don't understand a thing about jigsaw blades, so would you mind giving me a hand with this?


Pedro :D

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