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I got a Wolfgang style body, refinished it (that veneeded guitar I posted about earlier). The body sides/back are glossy black, white/cream binding, and overly veneered top now.

I'd like to fade the neck from natural wood into glossy black -- to blend from the neck into the body in a nice transition (and to cover a mistake I had to fix down near the heel).

Rattle can spray tests on scrap give me a black to natural fade that ends up as a dotty fade. It looks like photographic grain from high speed film :-)


-- What choices to I have to do this fade that are better than rattle-can lacquer black?

-- If the only other real choice is "use airbrush," what might be the most cost effective choice (go buy badger xxx, rent, find someone who'll do it for $20, etc.)

Back story ...

I made a neck for it, but adjusted its length a wee bit -- so it'd better match the 24.75" scale (based on where the bridge exists). In doing so, I needed to "fix" where the neck meets the body.

The neck heel was not a graduation to the body, but had a small "shelf" that matched the curved neck pocket-edge. This "shelf" now sat 1mm inside the neck pocket instead of perfectly aligning with that curved neck pocket-edge.

So, I put some water putty in place, sanded, etc -- nice match now. It just needs masked.

If this fade doesn't work, then I'll just do a hard-black line right where the body join it (i.e., just cover the shelf and heel of neck with black)

-- joe

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