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Jazz Bass Cousins

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Does anybody know if Fender, or anybody else, ever produced a guitar bassed on the jazz bass? The shape and control routing on my new project body are identical but it has three, rather shallow, routing for single coil pickups and a routing for a trem...it used to anyway!!! It was unfinished except for a very thin varnish and had never been on a guitar (no screw holes for a scratchplate) I bought this body cos it had character and individuality but would still be curious to know where it originally came from...oh, and it has a 6 or 9 pressed into the nck socket.

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That seems to be pretty much it, except mine has a full lower horn rather than the jazzmaster style cutaway...though it does have additional routing for the extra controls in that area, perhaps mines a later version, or a copy. Thanks for that, it's nice to know what i'll be playing.

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