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B) Wazzup evybody....i'm a new guy here....i just want to start to make my guitar but i have a problem

I would like to build a guitar with the same design of the PRS (paul reed smith)...but i don't know the specification of this guitar...like the witdth of the body the design of the body....

Anyone kan help me :D ??? please

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well.....but at this site it's too far away for me....

don't u know where i can get some specifications of a PRS guitar...

Cuze i ill buy the wood but i dunno exatly the size of this guitar.....any auto cad project of this guitar....

Tks very much :D

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i know some of the demensions i am building my own design based off a prs, but i am making some improvements like a offset body so you dont rub your arm raw on the top of the guitar if you play hard.

then scale is 25"

for 22 fret the fret board is 18 5/16" long

thickness at the thickest piont is 2 1/8" at the bridge

edges are 1 7/16"

body width is 12 7/8"

let me know what else you need and maybe i can get it for you.

but its alot easier with one in front of you if you have any freinds that have one just take it and trace the body out on to a peice of paper and then take all your measurements. good luck!

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tks....for the tricks....here..(brazil) in my city it's almost impossibel to find a PRS heheh it's to expensive....and who have one ..i dunno.....the dollar it's three time more expensive than our money...so...u can see.. :D

well if u find any cad draw of the prs...tha have the body dimensions ..ill be glad.. B)

tks a lot..

see u :D

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Guest AlexVDL

You need AutoCad or any other CAD program to view and modify it. AutoCad is very very expensive :D

There are a couple of sites where you can download it from, but that's illegal B)

You could also use Voloview to view the file.

See ya :D

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wazzup...tks for the draw ..i plotted today....i think is to big...but the measure isnt' correct right?? or printing in 1:1 scale i can put at the wood and cut..

Another questions:

I need a guitar with a heavy sound....

what wood should i use...Mahogany with maple top?? :o

and for the neck???? :D

what is the standart measure of the neck with 24 frets??? :D

and the angle for the headstock......??? B)

TKS to suport me and my questions :D ...heheh a lot..


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Guest AlexVDL

The drawing is scaled 1:1 in millimetres, so when you plot it in mm it should be 100% scaled.

I should use mahogany with maple yes!

Neck also mahogany!

The neckscale is 25"

Headstock angle is 8 degrees (I think)


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tsk so much again


there's any other neck design that i can use for the prs...like a side view top view...where to cut....with the measures???????

other question:


___________ <- maple top....the tickness?? how much??

[----------------] <- mahogany....the tickness???

:D tks a lot again heheheh B):D:D


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