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Electric Neck Construction

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Hey all. I've built several electric necks just for fun but i'm unable to find an answer for one particular problem. The neck is a two piece construction (seperate FB) 22 fret and 25.5 scale length. Been having problems with the intonation when the neck is completed. Always a touch sharp when fretted at the 12th fret and almost run out of adjustment on the saddles. When gluing the FB to the neck the only thing I can see from comparing to other necks is that the 22nd fret is directly over the heel of the neck. Is this right? When I measure from 12th to bridge, it's a perfect 12.750 to the middle of saddle movement(fore and aft). Yet still on outer limits of adjustment intonation wise. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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Double check your scale length and initial bridge position, ie. measure to 12th fret and then double that for the 1st string saddle position. If your bridge is sorta high off the body, like a tune-o-matic style, you might have to angle the bass side back further by about 1/4". That will give you ample room for saddle adjustment when intonating. I always position my bridge so the 1st string saddle is about 1/3 way from the front of the bridge. From there all the other saddles wind up near the middle of their relative adjustment ranges when intonated.

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