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Making One F-hole (?)

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I need some advice---just before I "officially start" a My Project Guitar Thread (about this specific guitar).

For those of you have have been hearing about my "plans"...this is the same Telecaster-Type Body that I've been talking about since I joined PG (Rockt 2nd, this year).

To Review & summarrize:

It's my "first project" other than a Carvin Kit I "made" and is Pre-Routed (purchased from Musikraft, in New Jersey).


1950 "Broadcaster" style, 1 & 1/2" thick.

Ash (and "looks" like it might be Hard Northern Ash, by appearance, Musikraft didn't say/ one way or the other).

Weight: 4.8 pounds....(pretty heavy for Swamp Ash, I thought).


One-piece Maple, a Mighty Mite.


Two matched (@ 9K ohms) Kent Armstrong, Humbucking-sized, P-90's


Observations & Questions:

Trying to be as brief as possible; this is an experiment...(I'm new at this).

And without going into all the details about my choices (above); I have some concerns about "tone."

Ash and Maple both tend to accentuate the higher frequencies from all I've gathered.

These Kent Armstrong Pups, going by all I've heard about them, will do just fine (as far as their range of frequencies (sound) go. Btw, I'm not going for any certain "Gibson-y" or "Vintage Tele" sound.


I said all-that to ask this.

Both Ash & Maple are also noted for their Sustain-Capabilites. Coupling this with their known "accentuation of the highs"....I thought an F-Hole might contribute to an evening out along these lines, so to speak. Giving the body & neck "combo" an extra Chamber to allow more mids & bass to resonate.

This "Project Guitar" is entirely theoretical, based on what I've read (and/or studied) and also heard from other people who have some of my chosen components.

So will just one F-Hole make any diff in the sound (do you think)? The body will remain a solid-body, otherwise.

Finally, I should also mention that this F-Hole might not really be one. I'm considering doing a "the fish symbol" kinda like this ><>....(except connected & stuff).

My primary question is just about wood combinations & "their tones" and if anyone thinks an F or F(ish)-Hole might enhance the sound of the instrument.

Thanx for reading this,

(in any event)



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