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Need help

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I'm painting my guitar with poly urethaan paint.

So far I've destroyed: 1 garbage can, 7 t-shirts, my daughters bycicle(it stood in the way while spraying), 1 pair of jeans, 2 can's of paint and the most important my good humeur.

I'm getting a little sick of it.

I've been working on this for 2 weeks already.

Spraying didn't work, probably my own mistake

Rolling didn't work, couldn't get rid of the 'orange peel'

Painting with a brush worked best but after sanding (grit 600, 1000, 1200)

I started polishing and the layers of paint peel of. :D

I'm getting a tennis ellbow of all the sanding and polishing.

Please any suggestions how to make it work or whatever I'm doing wrong.

Gerard B)

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What kind of Poly Urethane are you spraying? that's all I use is Poly's, I love them. They are 3 part, (clear, hardener, reducer) Spray at about 40PSI, the stuff I use (PPG or RM Diamont) mixes 3:1:1.

It's amazing paint, and shouldn't peel off unless you have major issues with cleanliness under it.

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Thanx for the reply.

I've mailed tsl602000 (he speaks the same language) so it's a little easier to communicate.

I sprayed with poly paint. I believe it is a 1 can system Color + hardener.

What went wrong is probably my own fault. I tried to polish the color paint and I should polish the clear coat that comes on top.

The polish I used was probably to agressive so it dissolved the paint. So instead of polishing I was stripping the paint. A bit like paint remover.

I've sanded my guitar down (again) and i will trie again.

Hopefully happy: to be continued


Gerard :D

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