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Goncalo Alves Neck

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hey man, you sure you want to use such a beautiful piece of timber for a whole neck? i have heard people use rosewood and ebony as whole necks, i think it's overkill. i mean, that timber is so expensive as it is, and for the tone that you get (in my opinion) it's not worth wasting such a beautiful piece for a tone that isn't that great.

now a lot of people will disagree with me, but as the saying goes: "opinions are like arseholes, everyone has them" but in the end, it is your own choice. i would never use Goncalo Alves for a neck, never! if i ever had such a piece, i would only use it for a fretboard and/or neck centre laminates. that's all.

sorry i couldn't answer your question.

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The biggest point about using a neck wood like Goncalo, is that it does not require any finish. A neck is not a large chunk of wood. How much wood is wasted on furniture? Pens? Bowls? To me, using wood in a musical instrument is one of the most noble uses it could have. It doesn't just look nice, it sounds nice. It has the power to potentially reach millions of ears. What if it were a desk in some fat cat's office?

Also, look at all the countries it grows in:

Guyana, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Trinidad and Brazil

Doesn't sound like a rare wood to me. Birds-eye maple is probably more rare. Better stop using it. Better yet, we better stop using wood altogether. It's a living creature after all.

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I have a board of G A sitting around in my stash for neck use. No definate plans, but I have enough for 2 necks and it was not very expensive. My main concern when I do get around to using it will be getting a good glue bond, so I'll be using naptha or something to clean the surface just before glue-up.

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