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Anyone Use A Hand Plane?


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On my first guitar last year, my alder body blank had a twist in it. I don't have a jointer or planer, so I had to break out an old Stanley plane (9.5") and go to work. Turned out to be very enjoyable and worked well. I then bought a 14" Bailey plane and now I use them in combination, first the Stanley then the Bailey. They are also useful for flattening neck blanks before attaching the fretboard.

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I use a pair of 14" Stanley planes(metal body) to taper wrist/arm flats in the top of all solid bodies and an old Nicholson 18" wood block plane to prepare wings to go on neck-through guitars and basses. I set one Stanley deep for fast stock removal and one shallow to flatten and smooth. Sharp and straight are the keys to clean planing. I sharpen the blade on a fine grit belt sander and finish witn an oilstone, just like a knife or chisel. It doesn't do the work by itself like a power tool but if you keep looking at your progress and take it slow it does the job.

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