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Titebond Vs Mineral Spirits

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I never used Titebond before joining PG; you guys talked me into a good product.

Now I have a question about it: If I have used Mineral Spirits (a petroleum distilate) on some wood, and allowed it to air-dry, will Titebond still stick to that wood? If not, would you recommend sanding down past the tainted wood, or using some sort of chemical that breaks up petroleum products?


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Obviously, mineral spirits is highly evaporative. If you used it to simply clean the jointed surfaces then you are fine. That is assuming you didn't drench the wood with cup fulls of the thinner. I understand your concern, but you aren't dealing withe a silicone base, (in which case your worries would be justified). If you just used the MS as a cleaner/decontaminate than titebond should serve its purpose admirably.

Take it easy, Nate.

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