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:D Hi doods !

I've been gettting a lot of buzzing and dead sound from my Yamaha acoustic on certain strings. It sounds like the problem is coming from the bridge. I've pressured the strings at the bridge with my fingers and the some of the strings click like there are pits in the bridge. Should there be pits to keep the strings in place or is this whats causing the buzzing ? I would also like to know the best way of taking out and replacing the bridge if this is necessary.

Ciao for now.

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buzzing could be one or more of 3 things.

1. High or low frets or poor truss rod adjustment. Check your frets with a steel straightedge to see if there are high or low frets.

If it's more of a rattle sound then

2. The nut slots could be filed to wide, did you put a smaller gauge of string on the guitar? If the strings are narrower than the nut slots, they will rattle in the slot.

3. You have a loose top brace that is rattling. When you press on the top, or saddle, if it goes away, it's likely a loose brace.

There is so much pressure over the saddle, you won't likely be getting buzzing from that. There can be a slight groove for string spacing on the saddle though.

If it's a loose brace, it needs to be reglued.

Take a closer look at where the buzz is coming from, and let me know, I'll see if I can elaborate more after that :D

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