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Guitar Neck


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Ok so for my second guitar i bought a piece of crap homemade thing from years ago. It isn't full size though.

I was gonna buy a new neck for the guitar but realised a new neck would be too wide. So i am sticking with the old neck.

However the neck seems to be pretty high off the body of the guitar. How would i be able to resolve this.

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You need to look at the heigth of your brdige micky. The neck may be set at this heigth to accomodate the bridge. If this is the case, you probably do not want make any adjustments. If the bridge will allow for the neck to set lower, your two options would be to either route the neck pocket lower, or to sand or plane the neck heel down to lower it.

I would think that making a template and routing the neck pocket would be the best way to ensure you get a good flat uniform surface for the neck to set in, and also ensure you don't create any kind of angle in the pocket. And using a template would make sure you did not mess up the contours of the existing neck pocket.

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