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Need Finish Help...


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going to be finishing my ebony/rosewood prs (in progress section) hopefully soon and im starting to think about what i should finish it with.

the wood is so dark, espeically the ebony, that i dont want to oil it because i think it will make the grain lines, which i love, alot more mellow. my favorite result from playing around with scrap pieces has just been by wiping it down with denaturated alcohol. makes it nice and wet looking, penetrates pretty well, but doesnt to fake or to much of a coating.

so what kind of finish should i do if i just want to enhance the grain a bit, and really make it look 'wet'. yet still not overdone so that it looks like it has an inch of clear over it.

maybe a polish then a wax, then buff that? or a light lacquer? or just polish?

thx for any input.

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Any finish will enhance the grain lines, if you just put a couple coats of any clear it will enhance without looking like it has a ton of clear on it, oiling is an option, but to me an oil finish is kind of the lazy way out. If you're loving the wood, want it enhanced but not looking like it's cleared, and are willing to put in some elbow grease, I would do a french polish :D

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thx man.

actually, im leaning more towards a thick clear now.

is lacquer the only way to go on this? i heard it has a pretty brutal spray sequence then a 3 week dry time before buffing. ouch. but i guess its worth it.

have you used or heard any of the ktm9 (is that the name) waterbased clear lacquer from lmii?

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yup, I have used the KTM, I think it's crap. I wouldn't personally put a water based clear on anything. Some guys think it looks great but to me it always looks a little cloudy, it never gets as hard as I would like, and I just don't think it's that durable. I don't like nitro laquers either, but if you're not able to use a proper spray booth it limits your choices. Poly Urethane (2 part, not the single part furniture junk) is the best, but requires some pretty specialized equipment, I would personally use nitro laquer, just be patient and take the time to spray it properly and you'll have a nice finish :D

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