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What advantage is there going to be in putting as high speed CO2 gas driven bit in a regular speed motorized dremmel?

Your just plain better off using the dremmel router bits, and taking the time it requires. The only, ONLY fast way to rout is either CNC, or to a pre-made template exactly matching the inlays.

Otherwise your still just hand routing.

Craig L.

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I dont really see what you're saying. Im just taking Brians advice in the Inlay tips and tricks tutorial. I do have some PRS birds and I have the template for them and they fit perfectly so even if that helps for only that project, fine with me. Just wondering if anyones had experience doing this?

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hahaha oh now i see. Im wasnt trying to be an ass to craig. I just havnt seen tips that small on dremel bits. I didnt really undertand what craig was trying to say but you made it more clear. yeah, i was just wondering because Ive looked at dremel bits but I havnt seen them with tips that small. Also, i wasnt trying to get the job done faster, I was just trying to be more accurate. Sorry for pissing you guys off...

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We'll I'm definitly not upset B)

No harm done and yes what I was trying to say (rather unclearly I guess) is that Stew-Mac does sell bits down to 1/32. That's all as far as I ever go, even for inlaying into maple. You don't want to be so close that when the wood contracts, etc.. the inlay is forced out. Even CNC needs to leave a space for wood movement.

The turbo carver bits are specificly designed for high speed issues, like egg carving, etc.. Oh by the way, I DONT recommend them for inlay engraving. Too much movement.

Now go play nice. It's the holidays :D

Cheers. :D


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The holidays are stressful. I am running ragged, and getting little if any inlay done. It's very frustrating. Most lilely it's coming through in everything I undertake for now as well. :D

Don't worry. I did get one rather seasonal inlay finished last night. I'll post pics soon.


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