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Hello all, I have just recently started delving in guitar refinishing. I have a background in Auto Refinishing (worked my way through school that way) and back in the mid 90's, regularly prepped and painted high end vehicles - Lexuses, Mercedes, BMWs etc.

Anwyways, I am wondering what are some of the more popular paint systems that have worked well on guitars? Most of the ones we used towards the end of my stint working at auto body shops back then (and I am pretty sure they would work great on guitars) were Urethane, high solids, basecoat/clearcoat systems that as were slick as glass after being rubbed out and buffed and very durable (Standox was one line of paint we used). Is Urethane still readily available? The high solids provided exceptional UV resistance, which prevents sun fading , and tha is why they were used on high end cars. Since this is not an issue on guitars I am thinking some of the mid-range Urethane systems (Dupont's Chroma-Base, and PPG's Deltron) that were pretty affordable and looked pretty damn good too, would be the way to go. If those are still around that is...

Looking forward to talking techniques and stuff with you guys.





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