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Bridge Height

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I am thinking about another project that I want to work on. Can anyone tell me if you can use a Schaller roller bridge on a bolt on neck set up with no neck angle. Is the Schaller roller bridge too tall for this setup like a TOM would be. I looked at the Schaller bridges on the Stewart-Mac site and they don't appear to be that tall to me.

I would like to do a string through body with back and top ferrules and the Schaller roller bridge. No tremolo, no vibrato, basically a "hard-tail". Just something I was kicking around. I would appreciate any input from you guys.

Thanks !

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Yes, it should work fine. The one I used to have (before I sold it) seemed to already have a built-in radius, i.e. the base underneath the saddles was machined with little steps that got taller toward the center of the bridge. I think this radius might have been 12" but I'm not totally sure.

You want the radius of the bridge to match the radius of the neck; if you're going with a 9.5" radius I think there's enough height adjustment in that bridge to get the job done.

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Thanks eric ! I will probably go with a pre-radiused and per-slotted Rosewood fretboard from Stewart-Mac. The one I used on my Strat copy is a compund radisu that starts at 10" at the nut and tapers down to 16" at the heel.

Do you think that the Schaller bridge with the base being pre-machined would adjust that flat ?

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