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Strat Neck On An Archtop (acoustic)?

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Okay, I'm sure I know the answer to this already but here goes...

I picked up a beat up old archtop (an Egmond from the early 60s). It needs a refinish badly--the previous own brush-painted it with some gunky oil pant. It'll be a good practice job.

The neck seems okay, but I prefer an electric style neck. The guitar was interesting because it has been wired up for a pickup (had an old Gibson humbucker in there, I'm selling that, which will cover the cost of the guitar).

Now, I've also picked up an old strat copy lately. This one has a pretty decent neck and a POS plywood body. Great pickups, though (it's an old Applause/Ovation), which I'll probably end up using on the Strabocaster...

So I was wondering...is there a way to attach the strat-style neck to the archtop body? I think it'd look cool, that's why! Plus it'd be more fun to play.

Otherwise, I think I'll try reshaping the archtop's neck a little--I'd like it to be a little flatter. Problem is, it doesn't have a truss rod...

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Off the top of my head, these are the obstacles...

The bolt-on neck - I think the archtop would have traditional construction for the neck, a dovetail or maybe even a slipperfoot. There might not be enough wood there to make a strong joint.

I looked at pics of archtops on my PC and all the ones I looked at had the neck join the body at the 14th fret. Strat's join at the 16th fret. How do the scale lengths compare? How much room for adjustment do you think there is with the bridge?

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The bridge is the easy part, since it's not fixed (and I'll want to replace it anyway if this project works).

For the neck...yeah I thought of these problems...one way around it would be to detach the existing neck from the block.

The neck isn't glued to the body-- it's bolted on. I'm trying to figure out how to remove that now, have to look around for some tips on that.

I might just refinish the guitar and sell it along, since I'm starting to have too many guitars here (I already have a nice old hofner)

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