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Hello, Question About Body/neck

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Alright I'm going to be buying a Ash body that already has a Les Paul penciled out on the body. (this is my first time at luthier stuff)

my question is where can i get a set neck made? I'm not going to attempt to make one this time around (probably never loooooks way to hard)

Can I take a bolt on Lp neck and convert it to set neck or will it be off with intonation?

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As to your bolt on neck question.... It depends on how thick (from fretboard to bottom of neck) the heel on your neck is. There has to be enough wood to make a tennon so there will be enough gluing surface so the neck won't shift.

If you buy a bolt on neck why don't you just route for it and bolt it on? You will still be able to set the intonation on your guitar as long as you measure correctly when you install your bridge.

If your mind is set on a set neck, I'm sure someone here can either make a neck for you or steer you in the right direction to purchase one.

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most people here would tell you that making a neck isn't as hard as it seems. I've read that many times, and I agree, it does seem very hard, I haven't personally done it yet. I'm kinda intimidated by the profiling on the back, but I think its just because theres so much risk involved and with bodies theres not much risk except for finishing and stuff.

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