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Removing A Back From A Classical

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Any suggestions on the best way to remove an arched back from a classical? There are no braces on the back but just the two blocks on the end and the neck, and the wooden strips that go along to connect the back to the sides. I need to do work on the strutts but it was too difficult to do through the sound hole. So i'd rather remove the back to finish the job. What is the best tool to use for cutting and where should I cut in reference to the purfling. How do I deal with the neck/end blocks if they are glued to the back? Thanks for the help.

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I think you've brought up a lot of the difficulties - the back is structurally a big part of the assembly. It's glued to a lot of parts, including the blocks. It must be plywood, since there's no bracing on it, and it's arched (like most backs). You may have trouble getting the arch right when reassembling too. Most likely you'd need to remove the binding 1st.

Frankly, I have never heard of anybody removing the back to fix top braces. Aren't you just multiplying the difficulty? There's an art to working inside the guitar that perhaps you should acquire - or maybe take it to a shop that knows what they're doing. That may be best for structural things like internal braces. Many luthiers make a good part of their living fixing incompetently done repairs.

If you really want to do it yourself, see www.frets.com - it's the best single resource out there, absolutely bar none. I think there's something in it re. removing tops, which'd probably be like removing backs, if you must. I wouldn't.

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