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Doing A Neckthrough Like This. Anyone Tried?

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If you can find a planer or thickness sander wide enought to take the whole body, then your guaranteed that the wings will be on the same plane (ie. won't be tilted relative to each other or the neck).

It is also easier to build in a neck angle this way.


If you can't find a wide-enough planer, you have no choise but to thickness the wings and neck blank individually and glue it up as level as you can.

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Cool erik, thanks. Those were some of the things I was thinking too. Like if you did it that way, there would be less to plane off of the back (fig 3) . I was thinking of just angling down the front neck pickup area of the body blank on a table saw (Fig 2), thus not needing to plane.

I've always been confused by planing down and leveling a neck through done like Fig 1. I get the theory behind it but figure you'd always be left with a carved top style or like a dip where the neck pickup would sit? Unless like you said, put it through a planer, which I don't have access to. :D


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I think most people who incorporate a neck angle into their neck-thru blank will either (A) incorporate it into the profile of their laminate strips, or (:D cut it on a table saw or band saw after gluing up.

Me...I have no neck angle in the bass I'm currently working on. If I find that I need to raise the bridge (a coin flip at this point), I'll just shim it up with some ebony underneath. Easier than working with a neck angle, and it would go nicely with the woods I've got going.

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This is the way I was looking at doing it for my Sg. I wasn't sure it would work because I have never seen it done. One difference I was looking at though was leaving about an inch or so at the back so that there is no join lines at the back and you wont see a difference in the woods. It also means tha if you put a top on it it is stilll only a 2 piece instead of a 3 piece like it would be with a normal neck through.

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