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Frankenstrat Advice

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I have a strat style body and a B.C. rich neck that I'm considering using for a project. The neck is 22 frets however and by my measurement I would have to route the neck pocket out about 1/2 inch to get the scale length right for the position the bridge is routed for.

Is this the best way to go or is there something I'm overlooking?


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What scale length are you trying to get? And do you know what scale length the frets are set up for on the neck? If the neck is set for 24.75"(or 25") scale and the trem is set for a 25.5" scale you could route the neck pocket to close the gap, but you will probably have an awkward gap where the neck meets the body (as the neck may be narrower than the route pocket).

Peace, Rich

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I would fill the neck pocket with a block of wood and route a whole new pocket... just to be sure it fits nice and snug. If it already fits snug enough then just use the heel of the neck to make a template and route out the extra little bit. But I wouldn't do anything til I measured it.... and then measured 50 more times.

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Howdy James,

The fact that one neck is 21 frets and the other 22 is not a guaranteed sign of trouble. But it is something to pay attention to.

The real issue is this: When you put the neck on, what are the measurements? From the bridge to the 12th fret, and the 12th fret to the nut. If they are the same, you are good to go. If they are different, you got a challenge.

Take care,

Guitar Ed

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