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Setting Up Hollowbody Guitars?

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Hi all.

I want to try to set my guitar properly up. It has not been done for a while and I figured that i will give it a go myself.

So I found this large number of great setup guides on the internet but then it hit me that there might be a difference between setting up my own semihollowbody guitar and a normal solidbody? I cannot find any specific guides for semihollow but I can find plenty of guides with the topic "Setting up a solidbody guitar"

Is there any difference?

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As Devon said, if your hardware is the same, no problem except you need to see where your hardware is adjusted to before you start. If you have a 2-post hardtail, you need to see how much adjustment is left before you "level the playing field". If you have a string-through, you need to see what adjustment is left in your saddles. If you have a trem unit, you need to see how flat the pivot plate is and how your setup is going to effect spring tension. By the way, I am known to be VERY parinoid when it comes to setups. I hate getting into messy repairs when all I set out to do was a setup. What is that old anectdote about alligators and swamps?

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