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Pointy Bass

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Personally i dont like the look of em BUT... i can understand why people would B)

I like my guitars to have big bodys on them, i dont know why i do, just a personal prefrence. Both my custom and my KKV have large bodys on them B)

Might recommend it to the bassist in my band, hes always looking for new bass's and isnt afraid of spending money :D

:D ~~ Slain Angel ~~ :D

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Thats a unique design. I doubt I would play one though. I think the knobs would drive me nuts, and you could never sit down while playing it. I looked at the closeup of the bridge area. The routing looked a little shaky, it looked like there was burned edges in the pocket, and I didnt care the round head screws (mind you this is a $3000.00 bass, I would be very picky and expect it to be much cleaner than a $200.00 mass produced bass).

Peace, Rich

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Like this you mean?



My Baby!

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