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Vibratos And Detuning

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I'm wondering about the factors involved in tuning issues related to using a vibrato --I really like the effect, and will probably end up adding some kind of tremolo on all of my guitars.

I believe a lot of the de-tuning issues comes from standard tuners, where the string is wound around the peg --and that problem is eliminated with locking tuners.

I've read that some strat style tremelos go out of tune because the bridge itself shifts.

Which brings me to Bigsbys and other surface mounted vibratos (like the Kay NOS tremelo I'm planning to install): what de-tuning issues are specifically related to these?

I'm wondering especially about the springs --how much of an impact do these have on the stability of tuning. The bigsby has just one very solid spring. The Kay has two springs --they're pretty fat and not very long. I suppose strat-style trems have a similar issue, since they're based on springs as well.

Any thoughts?

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I only wish to address the trem-stability issue. Locking tuners are not my thing. After spending a bunch of time trying to get trems to return to perfect tune and forgive detuning, I found that someone else found the same thing. With a standard Strat trem, you need a return-to-center system that takes you right back to where you were before you hit the bar. (Whoa, there's one for the wife). Hipshot makes an add-on that kinda does this but they also make a trem that all but eliminates the problem with springs not being able to do this reliably. They use ultra-low friction bearings instead of a knife-edge and it is very repeatable. When you set the trem plate very flat, it is also forgiving. I'm sure I will find out why in a day or two but I really don't know why more people don't use their trems. I see them as a superior design. IMHO

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