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Jem Inlays

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Hi! I'm very new to this board and this is very exciting to me that i even found this. What i'd like to know is where can i find the Jem inlays for the vine and dissapearing pyramid. I've seen the tutorials on inlays and was just wondering. I've got a few RG550's i'd like to try this on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx! :D

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Good morning and sorry for what was an unsociable reply last nite...

Just saw some dude on another section get battered n bruised because he didnt use the search feature *hides*

You seem a nice person - Just hit the nice search button at the top left... im SURE somewhere someone has probably already asked this question... i appologise if they havent...

Hope you find what your looking for

~~ Slain Angel ~~

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