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No Primer = Translucent?

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I've read through the archives on this, maybe there's a post I missed, but here's my question/idea:

My new project (pictures coming soon, brace yourselves!) will have a maple capped top over a semi-hollow body. There's nothing all that special about the maple's grain.

I'd like to achieve a Danelectro-style burst on the guitar, looks like they just do two-color bursts. I'd like some of the grain of the maple to show through the color coat (if any), to get a translucent effect. I'm thinking red-reddish.

Here's what I'm thinking:

1. Stain the (raw, unsanded) maple with a mahogany stain--on my test piece, that comes out red.

2. Sand back the maple * so only the grain keeps the reddish tint.

3. Sealer.

3. NO PRIMER on the cap (only on the back and sides--and 'burst' on the cap?)

4. Color coat (probably red) that 'bursts" onto the cap (following the tutorial)

5. Clear n' polish.

I'm thinking that, with no primer, I'll get sort of a translucent thing, showing some of the darkened grain? Will that end up being cloudy, or is the translucence controllable? And should I 'burst the primer onto the cap as well?

I realize that there are translucent paints (and the auto store has a translucent red), but I want to have the same solid color for the back and sides (and neck)

(*Gonna post a separate question about sanding back)

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