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Bass Necks

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i know i could probably do a search on google or it may have been done thousands of times, but i like how you guys describe things so..

i have my neck blank all good and such and i wanted to know how to round of the back of the neck to get the round profile...yes yes amateur question but i want to know the best way to do it

thanks :D

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A coarse wood rasp (file) is nice for starters but I found a chinese rasp made of twelve hacksaw blades bent and bolted together that is the NUTS for shaping necks. It goes as fast as you want and works across the grain as well as making with-the-grain contours. Blending edges and contours is a DREAM! Always find a sturdy way to locate the neck as you carve. A wood vise is nice. Go slow. You can't put it back on after you take it off.

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Check out the other posts. They may help out.








There are several good ways to shape the back of a neck. People use Rasps, sanders, large roundover router bits, Spokeshave/Scraper (my prefered way). If I recall correctly most large production uses large sanders and jigs. My main reason for using spokeshave and scrapers is to cut down on dust and it is fast. Here are links to Spokeshave-Spokeshave,and Scrapers Scrapers. Good luck to ya.

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