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Is A Good Gun Worth It?

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Well people always ask about guns and compressors and all that so I'd figure I would post some of my results this past weekend. This is using nitro, no polys or anything like that.

I have gone through tons of rattle can lacquer and it sucks. a lot of spraying and to build up a nice coat and you have to work at it being careful and all that. So I went and bought a compressor craftsman 20gal 150psi, and a cheap menards gravity feedgun. That gave me good result but still required sanding and all of that.

Then I saw this new Sata HVLP4 gun at the wood working show. was 199 which was a pretty penny but the results are fantastic. The lacquer barley needs to be wetsanded thats how good it looks. The lacquer sits on the wood perfectly, no mess can even go a little thicker than spray cand on the sides and there is no run marks, if you are impatient like me this is unreal.

This in total cost me 139 for compressor was a close out, and the gun was 199.

I have at least spent a hondo or so on rattle cans.

There is that cost balance issue, I am not LGM so I don't need the huge 600 dollar guns with the 2g compressor. These results look professional and have saved me hours on wet sanding and all of that.

if you are going to build 1 guitar, which is near impossible, stick with rattle cans. if you get hooked go with what I have suggested the sata gun only needs 39psi max, and runs like a champ. plus the gun is stainless steal and cleans so easily.

questions please ask.


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If you like the 94, don't ever spray with an RP :D I had a 94, when I got the RP I was like ninety who???

Good guns are like ALL good tools, they are amazing, I don't care WHO says brand X for half the price is just as good, those are the people who have never used GOOD tools. They really are worth it. Sata does not make a bad gun, if it says Sata, it says quality. Congrats on the 94, they are great, and if you're not doing automotive stuff, they're all you'll really ever need.

Opps, my bad, I thought you said 94 B) Iwata makes the 94, not Sata :D my bad.. The minijet 4 is awesome too, I have the 3 and it's great. When you spray clear with it, still spray at about 40psi, if you spray at the recommended 29 you'll get a fair bit of orange peel

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