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Walnut For Biulding Bodies

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Im new to the forum, sorry if this aint were this topic should be.  But anyway, is Claro Walnut good for biulding a body out of (tonewise).  Are their any suggestions on other wood?

There are a lot of people who like it. I'm currently building a guitar from black walnut, but am just starting. I've heard people say it's like mahogany but with clearer lows and fewer highs, and other people say it's about as bright as maple, so I'm not sure what to think - I'll find out when I'm done, I guess, but that doesn't really help you :D.

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we've actually had several threads on this lately and yes, walnut makes great guitars. i just bought a ten foot by two foot by 2 1/2" slab of it for my next few projects. i love the way it works, the way it looks and the way it sounds. you can shoot poly or lacquer on it or you can do an oil finish..great stuff.

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Thanks guys, I really like Claro walnut and I got a nicely figured piece to. My dad makes custom funiture and such as well as used to play guitar so I have all the tools and basic help i'll ever need. I'm not gonna use a neck thrue Body or In body. Im only going with a bolt on cause this is the first time I've built a guitar. But its hard finding nice bolt ons, i've found some 22 fret ones on warmoth and all parts that look fairly decent. As the project come along i'll have pics.


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