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Upgrading An Ibanez Rg7421...

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First off - I would do a search - but the forum keeps giving me a database error when I try to run a search. My apologies as I'm certainly going to rehash some things with this thread.

I've acquired and Ibanez RG7421 and plan to strip its black finish to bare wood, then apply a quilted maple veneer and refinish the guitar in a "blue sunburst" type finish. I will also veneer the headstock and finish it similarly.

Question One: What's the best way/chemical to strip a black-finished body to bare wood?

Question Two: Once the body is stripped, is there any wood-preparation necessary to prepare the guitar to be refinished? I.e., removing any residue from stripping, etc.

Question Three: I want the "sunburst blue" to be a very bright, slightly darker blue on the outside and fade to a turquoise on the inside, and I'd like it to be as transparent as possible. This is the effect I'm going for:

Rob Balducci's LA Custom Shop Ibanez

What stains would be best suited to mimic the clarity of the finish to show off the quilted maple top?

Final Question: Where can I acquire a high-quality quilted veneer? I looked through the suppliers on the list, but very few carry much more than some nice flamed maple pieces. I'd like a very high-quality (4A, even a piece of 5A) quilted top for this refinish.

Thanks for your answers. Again, my apologies for not performing a search to do this research, but the forum wasn't cooperating.


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Umm, im a n00b so ill try to answer your question, im sure someone else might answer it better tho..

1. First off, you need to purchase some chemical that will remove the paint... I used an all purpose stripper for stains, varnishes and paint. I got it for like 20 or 30 bucks at walmart. Once you poor this gooey liquid on the guitar, let it sit for a while , i waited about 2 hours. fter that time, if you feel the stripper sat long enuf, get a scraper and begin scraping the paint off. Since you said black, im guessing that this is a plain painted body,. Good, because thats what im trying to explain. I never worked with stains so im not gonna promise anything if you actually mean a transparent black... anyways, after you scrap off the paint, it should come off like a pastey jello.. it should be really simple to take off.. if it isnt, let the chemicals sit longer. after you feel the basic color is off youve completed the first step...

2. now you need to get some wood wash. Its basically a chemical that cleans off the chemicals in the prior step.. This will help prevent paint dissolving later on.. Once you poor it on the wood and is wiped down good, you can sand the body and get started on the new paint coolor. Since youre looking into buying a complete new Veneer, youll need to measure the body to see hom much you plan to saw off the top. since your trying to accomplish so much, you might just be better off buying a Soloist body from Warmoth.. especially since you plan on decking out some money on a 5A quilt top.

Good Luck..

~korge :D

EDIT- o yea, for those stains like those sunburst, youll need to get an airbrush to spray an Alchohol based stain around the edge. this may cost some money for a good airbrush... but if you want a basic stain, just get some normal water based for the center color, then get the airbrush and spray the second color around the edge.. just my .02 but someone will definitly explain this better.. :D

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Since you're looking into buying a complete new Veneer, youll need to measure the body to see hom much you plan to saw off the top.

Veneer is paper thin, so no sawing is needed. If he was adding a cap, then he would have to saw off the original top accordingly...

And to Bluestreak...

What is the base color for the guitar going to be? I mean the back and the sides?

For the front, if you're just adding veneer, there is no reason to take the finish off completely.

Just give it a good sanding.

And for the veneer you can only do so much. You probably cannot do a stain-black-sand-back, as it's too thin...

Good luck!


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