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Installing Pick-up Covers


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Ok i ran a search but couldn't see very much in the way of installing these things. How do i go about installing these things? I have seen on Stewmac that they solder the pickup to the metal cover - but do i also need to fill it with wax? If i'm installing plastic one what do i use to stick it to the pick up with? Humbucker covers by the way?

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The filling with wax is called "potting" and is used to reduce microphonics with the pickups. It is not necessary at all, and some people say it messes up "vintage sound" by dampening highs. If you use plastic ones you can use glue or adhesive or anything - it doesn't really matter as long as you get it stuck on. With metal ones you normally solder them from behind - takes a decent power soldering iron though.

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