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Fun With Clear Plexi Ebay Special

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Well, I was looking at all those chintzy Galveston clear guitars on eBay, and whining about how they didn't offer 'em for lefty.

I immediately got to wondering where and how much for a proper lefty body...

...But spending real money and having other people do the dirty work is so much less satisfying.

Anyhow, I read a bunch of reviews on these guitars online, which were all funny as hell, the quality of them is as poor as one would expect from a $130 guitar. Keeping that in mind, and the fact that I'm used to getting the oddest $150-$300 guitar I can find, reducing it to a pile of parts and starting from scratch (See explanation of my aluminum necked Kramer lefty elsewhere on this site) I thought

"Why not just get the stupid thing in righty, slap on an inexpensive but decent (Esp. compared to what I read of the Galveston neck :D ) lefty neck, Order a righty pickguard in black milled for a single humbucker, and relocate the volume/tone knobs and coil tap up out of my left hand's way when I'm playing?"

I was so excited about the idea I had to immediately break out my horrid "Paint" skills and render it.

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