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Plastic Polish?


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Does anyone know if there is a product that can restore the shine to plastic?

I sanded off the STUPID Semour Duncan logo on my pickups (yea seymour...great idea, I want your name to appear on my 57 historic Les Paul!)

Anyway...I might be having a logic attack, but isn't there anything out there that could bring the "shine" back to the pickup?

I have a lot of theories on what might work, but I am currious if anyone has found something that has

Dave :

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acetone? it won't remove scratches which is what causes the dull finish here,

Dave, I'm looking into the PPG as well, what I need to know from you is this, the true "chrome illusion" is from DuPont, and has 7 different color changes in the paint. The PPG Harlequin is typically only a 3 color change withing that color spectrum, ei: blue purple green. Purple, red orange.

why did I just type that here? I should have emailed you LOL, oh well, I'll do that too!
That would be a better idea.............


Edited for sales content-Project Guitar

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O.K , I am going to throw you a curveball.......

To understand what I am thinking, picture in your head a Paul reed Smith solid color Guitar.

Typically, the have the color on top & a black back right?

O.k., with that in mind......Is there a way to do the top color:blue, purple, green and the back color: Purple, red orange?

Or am I getting too picky

Dave :D

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