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Zachary Psychotic Guitars

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I found this link on the Moser board.


Do any of you have any opinions on his philosophy? The guitars IMO don't look that great visually but he says that the way they are designed, finished etc. is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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I admit, at first view, his attitude threw me, I started muttering about what kind of a-hole he was, especially building those butt-ugly guitars (well, that's not true, they're just not my taste).

But then I read his 'philosophy' and he makes sense there --especially the ode to handmade thing...personally, I keep going back to my '65 Gibson Melody Maker, this one is so handmade it was actually a reject! I mean, I keep trying to find another guitar to love, and I'll go a couple months without even looking at the Gibson...and then I pick it up again...

Those Zach guitars raised a couple of questions though, like the fact that his headstocks aren't angled back or recessed. And he doesn't use a neck plate, just screws? I'd like to do that...

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I read most of his site today and he's using techniques that I had suspected would be pretty good. The handmade concept hit home as did a lot of his disdain for the mass market hype.

He comes off as a giant a-hole sometimes and I've not laid a hand on one of his guitars, but I have a strong feeling that he's not too far off the mark, it he's off at all.

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