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Split Coil Jazz Bass Pickup


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I have ordered the parts to make several jazz bass pickups. However I plan on making both the neck and bridge pickups individually humcanceling. If I connect a pair of RP/RW coils (within a standard jazz pup casing) what resistance would I need to wind each coil (which will cover 2 of 4 strings) to acheive a total pickup resistance (of each pickup that) of 8k for the neck and 8.5 for the bridge? My experience with speakers tells me that the individual coils will be wired in series with another (for one pickup), so I believe that two coils in series-each at 4k ohms- will create a pickup with a 8kohm resistance. I am pretty sure about this, it is just the fact that I will be handwinding these that tells me I better do it right the first time- four hand wound coils for one bass- ouch!

Furthermore, I plan on using the standard wiring for jazz controls, volume,volume,tone (bt with a .100 cap instead of .05). Will these humcanceling jazz pups potentially interact different with each other and the planned controls than single coil pickups? Thanks for your time and very informed responses.

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For the first part of the question: Yes, if you want a 8k hum-cancelling pup you need to connect your two 4k coils in series. For the bridge coil you need 4.25k in series for 8.5k

However, i'm really not sure that two coils will fit in a regular jazz pickup cover. I just had a look at the jazz pups I wound last week and i'm not too sure they'd fit under a cover if they were next to each other. I only wound about 5500 turns of 42AWG around each coil. You might waqnt to think about that, and if you do try make sure your coil is super flat at the ends.

As for the second part of the question: I have no idea, I would assume that two humbucking jazz pups will act like any usual humbuckers, I don't think you'll get funky stuff out of them.

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Thanks Phil,

For the first set I wind I will actually use the exact same parts one would use for single coil jazz pup. Only I will cut the bobbin in half, one half for E and A, and the other half for D and G strings. Of course I will need to add some more eyelets, perhaps you could mail me a few if I send a stamped envelope. I have ordered 43g wire to allow room for both coils to fit backinto the standard casing- fused back together of course. This is how Lindy Fralin does it, I was in his shop last week, his shop is only about 2 miles from my house. I really want to have wood pup covers, but the main reason I am making them able to fit in a standard cover is just so I can find out if I can do so with good results.

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